The First Post

Way back in November I applied for a job with the Australian Antarctic Division.  The selection process is necessarily long, but here I am at the pointy end with an impending job as a Communications Technical Officer.

The general outline of my short-term future is as follows:  First, I need to finish up with my current job and move house.  I’m moving interstate and will be storing all of my worldy possessions, sans those that are to come with me down south, while I’m away.  Once all of this is sorted I have a few months of training in Hobart with the good people at AAD and my fellow expeditioners (whom I am eager to meet).  Finally, I have a boat ride to Antarctica and back on an icebreaker that is thoroughly unsuited to comfortable travel on some rather rough ocean.  Oh, and there’s a 12 month stop-over in Antarctica.

So there isn’t anything interesting, or especially cold, to speak of as yet.  There aren’t even any photos.  If you’d like to see what happens beyond this first post then stay tuned  🙂


One Comment on “The First Post

  1. Ahh! I’m so excited for you ! And envious! I applied for a lab tech role last year but got nowhere because my health is too broken (I really, really want to do a season on Macquarie Island). So hooray for Bob, plus I should hopefully get to see you in Hobart, depending on when you get here.

    *happy dances*

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