First day in Hobart

On Sunday, Hobart welcomed me with driving rain.  The flight was mostly unremarkable, with the exception being that I had been seated next to one of my fellow expeditioners; in fact, the person with whom I will be working at Davis station.  I’d say that coincidence is certainly worthy of remark.


In total there are four of us undergoing training this week.  As often happens, the communications staff arrive first as our training takes the longest, and the four of us are the first expeditioners to arrive for training this season.  We are the CTOs destined for Davis and Casey stations.  Mawson station and Macquarie Island are to be resupplied later in the season, thus the training cycle for their personnel begins later too.


Our first day at the Australian Antarctic Division began with a cold, damp wait near the friendly brass creatures shown above.  We arrived diligently early, only to discover that only personnel with the appropriate access can open the front door before 8:30am.  We figured that 15 minutes in the wind and rain was likely our first test.  We survived with no injuries, and the (brass) wildlife seemed to like us too.


Our Monday began with a typical induction process.  The staff were cheery and seemed excited that the first expeditioners for the coming season had finally arrived.  We met far too many people to remember any of their names, and we were familiarised with navigating the colourful corridors of the Mawson building.  By the end of the day the whole group was exhausted, owing to a poor sleep in our new homes.  While waiting for a taxi to take us home we took the opportunity to browse the display area inside the AAD building, some of which you can see in this post.

Australia has a long and fascinating history in Antarctica.  Oh, and there are penguins:



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