AAD Head Office, take 2

I had a little free time on Thursday afternoon, so I took the opportunity to take some photos of what there is to see around the Australian Antarctic Division’s buildings.  Inside the main building past the reception is a large display area for current projects and also some historical items.  Downstairs is a small cafe that often has people stopping by for lunch on a day trip from Hobart:


Out the front of the reception area can be found a few things worth a closer look.  The largest of all is the large concrete likeness of Antarctica, complete with steel markers for each of the stations.  The likeness also includes Tasmania, along with an artistic rendering of the globe with Antarctica and Australia on it:

P8290228 P8290248 P8290227
Sitting to the side of this area is ‘Mawson’s Stone’:

P8290226 P8290225
Each of the buildings, in turn, also have a brief history of people who have made noteworthy contributions to the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE):

P8290246 P8290244 P8290241 P8290240 P8290237
Wandering further around the buildings reveals even more.  There is the Jubilee Antarctic Garden…

P8290250 P8290229
…and memorials to mark the people who have died as part of an expedition, as well as to the service provided by the sled dogs in Antarctica for more than 40years:

P8290257 P8290255 P8290233 P8290234
All in all, it’s worth taking half an hour or so to wander around the outside areas that are accessible to the public.  There’s half as much history outside as there is in the exhibits inside.  And besides, it’s a nice place to have lunch if the weather is favourable.



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