First ascent of Mt Wellington

The weather forecast for today was very optimistic.  When this morning rolled around and it appeared that the forecast was, in fact, correct, a friend and I decided the weather would be best spent on one of the myriad trails on and around Mt Wellington.

You’ll have to forgive me for not knowing exactly where we started, but I do recall that the trails we took were called Icehouse and Zig-Zag (on the way up and down, respectively).  It was a sensational way to have spent the day, and here are some of the pictures that I took (without first having checked my camera settings) throughout the day.

P8310304 P8310308 P8310309 P8310312 P8310314 P8310316 P8310318 P8310320

My favourite shot is this one, taken of a tiny pool in a tiny rivulet running down the side of one of the trails:


There was a little hazy around, so the photos can’t really do justice to the amazing view.  If you’re ever visiting and the weather suits, I recommend trying it out first hand.


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