The learning continues…

Most of the week just gone was spent learning about two facets of our jobs as technicians.  Firstly, we went through configuring and troubleshooting the satellite equipment that forms our main connection to Australia.  Featured above is what a typical rack will look like for us.

We next spent a couple of days going through both theory and practice for the various kinds of cabling we’ll be expected to do.  Remember that the course is planned to cover everything they need of us, so each topic is new to some and merely a refresher for others.

Here are a few snaps of us terminating optical fibres in a FOBOT (Fibre optic break-out tray) to get used to AAD’s fusion splicer:

P8280207 P8280213 P8290222 P8290223 P8290224


3 Comments on “The learning continues…

  1. Wow, so that’s what actual tech work looks like? Jealous!

  2. Pity you didn’t get to do the DSSE course before you discharged, as you might be aware that the Gigasat gear uses Comtech equipment. Very easy to navigate and fault find.

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