Your look at the Aurora Australis

Today we finished the last brief at the Australian Antarctic Division, Kingston, Tasmania.  Tomorrow morning we’re all onto a bus to head down to Macquarie Wharf with our luggage.  We will pass through customs, quarantine and some additional biosecurity measures, before eventually heading aboard and settling into our cabins for the long voyage ahead.

During this, however, you are not completely isolated from what we’re up to.  Below are some resources for you to access and see what’s going on.

Firstly, the Aurora Australis has two webcams, one fore and one aft, that update regularly.  These can be accessed via this link.  The fore view will be great to check out while we’re in heavy seas, and the aft view shows the helideck.  Both of them will show how busy we are during resupply operations, so check them out if you have a moment spare some time.

Secondly, the AAD website will update a daily ‘sitrep’ (i.e. situation report) from the ship.  This page also has a link called ‘voyage track’, though I don’t know what its information will be like as it doesn’t have any data yet.  Here is the link.

Finally, here is an another website (and a third one, for good measure) that shows the position information of many large ships.  This link takes you straight to a map showing the latest position information for the Aurora Australis, along with stored historical data that you can use to see where we’ve been.

Please have a look at these resources and share a little of my adventure with me.  I’m looking forward to getting to the other end and starting to share stories with you  🙂


One Comment on “Your look at the Aurora Australis

  1. Wonderful info. Feel so much better that l can see how you are travelling and where you will be. Still can’t wait for your return but l can view everyday. Thank you son.

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