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Thanks to a conversation from the weekend just passed, and because I’ve been taking it easy after the trip to Woop Woop, I’m going to share my desktop wallpapers with you this week.  All of my wallpapers are photos that I’ve taken myself, and it’s great that I can enjoy them not only as wallpapers but also for the memory of where and when I took each one.

I’ve uploaded each photo is a handful of sizes just in case they’re of use.  With each photo I’ll also briefly recount where I took it and what I remember of the scene.



P2141977_1920 1920×1080

P2141977_1600 1600×900

P2141977_1280 1280×720

P2141977_1024 1024×576

P2141977_800 800×450

This photo of the elephant seals was taken on the beach at Davis station, right in front of the wallow.  It was just beginning to snow at the time.



P2141968_1920 1920×1080

P2141968_1600 1600×900

P2141968_1280 1280×720

P2141968_1024 1024×576

P2141968_800 800×450

Much like the photo above, this was on the beach at Davis station.  I walked around the huddle of elephant seals taking many photos with shallow depth of field.  It was a great learning experience, and a few of the photos showed a bit of personality in the different seals.



P2041228_1920 1920×1080

P2041228_1600 1600×900

P2041228_1280 1280×720

P2041228_1024 1024×576

P2041228_800 800×450

Of all the photos taken on the boating tour of the icebergs, this is the only one to make it to my desktop wallpaper folder.  I liked this one the most because the penguins seems almost like sailors working aboard their very own iceberg.



PB051051_1920 1920×1080

PB051051_1600 1600×900

PB051051_1280 1280×720

PB051051_1024 1024×576

PB051051_800 800×450

This is the view from aboard the Aurora Australis on the trip down to Davis Station.  Before we encountered the thickest of the ice, was traveled through a lot of sparse pack ice with grease ice forming in the leads.  On the couple of spectacular sunsets we had, the grease kept the top of the water perfectly still and made for the most amazing view all around.



PB051031_1920 1920×1080

PB051031_1600 1600×900

PB051031_1280 1280×720

PB051031_1024 1024×576

PB051031_800 800×450

Again from aboard the Aurora Australis, this shot has had the colours enhanced across the frame because I liked the look of it.  Whereas the previous photo is quite close to what we saw, I altered this one to represent what the mind perceives, rather than what the eye sees, in such an amazing landscape.



P7181005_1920 1920×996 (use black borders on the top and bottom)

P7181005_1600 1600×830 (use black borders on the top and bottom)

P7181005_1280 1280×664 (use black borders on the top and bottom)

P7181005_1024 1024×531 (use black borders on the top and bottom)

P7181005_800 800×415 (use black borders on the top and bottom)

We stopped to have a cup of tea on the way up to Woop Woop, as written in this post.  It was the first time we’d seen the sun in around 6 weeks too, so it was worth just soaking up the view for a bit.  The pre-dawn colours have not been altered very much, so this is the surreal moonscape we were travelling on.



P6301624_1920 1920×1080

P6301624_1600 1600×900

P6301624_1280 1280×720

P6301624_1024 1024×576

P6301624_800 800×450

In this scene I was out on a trip to a sampling site to help two of the scientists set up their mobile work shelter (seen being towed behind the Hagglunds).  Early in the trip we stopped to make sure all of their equipment was still firmly strapped in place, and I took the opportunity to snap this shot too.



P6281051_1920 1920×1080

P6281051_1600 1600×900

P6281051_1280 1280×720

P6281051_1024 1024×576

P6281051_800 800×450

One night, in the Living Quarters (LQ), I spent over an hour with the lights turned and a multi-coloured LED torch in my hand.  Many strange photos came out of the evening, but this is my favourite.



P5241189_1920 1920×1080

P5241189_1600 1600×900

P5241189_1280 1280×720

P5241189_1024 1024×576

P5241189_800 800×450

Walking around the station after one of our blizzards showed so many strange shapes formed by the strong and persistent winds.  This one made it to my desktop wallpapers, and is a result of wind being force upward through steel grate stairs.



P4191061_2_3_4_5_1920 1920×1080

P4191061_2_3_4_5_1600 1600×900

P4191061_2_3_4_5_1280 1280×720

P4191061_2_3_4_5_1024 1024×576

P4191061_2_3_4_5_800 800×450

After the very same blizzard as above, the deposition of snow on the leeward side of the LQ made a most interesting pattern on the windows.  The tone of this image makes me recall drinking lattes on this very sofa.



P6020987_DxO_1920 1920×1080

P6020987_DxO_1600 1600×900

P6020987_DxO_1280 1280×720

P6020987_DxO_1024 1024×576

P6020987_DxO_800 800×450

I recall taking this photo on a work morning.  I was walking to work and noticed that the sky was, as often happens when the sky is clear here, showing off a moderate aurora.  I’d only recently come across a rather useful guide to astrophotography by Mark Gee, so I decided to compromise between the settings I’d been using for shooting the Milky Way and my usual aurora settings.  This is the result, and I quite enjoy looking at all of the small details in this image (especially the silhouette of the clouds in the distance).



P6301009_DxO_1920 1920×768

P6301009_DxO_1600 1600×900

P6301009_DxO_1280 1280×720

P6301009_DxO_1024 1024×576

P6301009_DxO_800 800×450

Last, but not least, is an attempt similar to the above.  This was a Monday morning and the sky was practically on fire.  The aurora was so bright that even the elusive red colour was plainly visible to the naked eye.  The snow was a very faint green and the lines and curtains moving through the sky were almost too quick to follow.  I took very few photos that morning as I spent the time staring up and just being awed by it all.


I’m happy to be able to share these with you, even if you just enjoy a brief look at them.  They’ve been on rotation as my wallpaper constantly, and they continue to remind me of the amazing things I’ve seen and done down here in Antarctica.



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