Busy Studying…

This week I’ve managed to officially miss my self-enforced Monday deadline entirely.  For those of you who read regularly, I apologise if you’ve missed one of your Monday diversions.  I thought I should tell everyone what I’ve been up to that’s keeping me so busy.

In fact, I’m studying a Certificate IV in Permaculture.  Health, nutrition and sustainability are passions of mine, and permaculture is an interesting advocate of the three.  Permaculture is, in my words, an integrated system of growing food that poaches good ideas from personal observation, shared knowledge and plant science.

In practice, what this means is getting involved in more levels than your average gardener, in more than one sense.  Firstly, you start with properly assessing what your space, soil, water, wind and sun conditions are.  Rather than constantly supplementing poor soil to grow a vegetable you like, grow other vegetables you like that thrive in poor soil (as an example).  Also, you think more in physical levels, with a good example being that a citrus tree doesn’t preclude smaller plants growing in its shade to make best use of space.  And so it goes on; search the internet for permaculture (or urban permaculture) if you’re in any way interesting.


Yesterday most of my effort was spent modelling the yard I will be producing a permaculture garden design for.  This diagram is accurate to the millimetre, so having a 3D representation makes it quite easy to visualise where plants will go and how they will interact with the space around them.  This was made using a program called SketchUp, which is well worth the cost of zero.

The course itself is based around learning in the same sequence as you’d use for designing a garden for yourself, a friend or a client.  I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months interviewing my ‘client’ (a family member), researching their desired plant species for suitability (especially considering this is a rental property, so everything must be in a pot that can be moved by two people), and so on.  The baseline assessment is nearing completion, and soon I will be on to learning more about the complex relationships between aspects of design.



That’s not to say it’s all work and no play though.  It was -28C over the weekend, so a few of us took the opportunity to go and throw hot water in the air and watch it vapourise instantly.  Layla, seen here, went through a thermos full of hot water making different patterns with different throws.  It’s cool to watch, even after we’ve done it plenty of times before.


As an aside, Layla is down here as a Meterological Observer, so it seemed appropriate to have managed a photo where she looks like she’s charging her mug for a drink with a cloud.


And of course I’m still trying artsy things that don’t work out as I plan them to.  But a handful of them have made it into rotation as desktop wallpapers, with the above being the most recent addition.

So sorry again for the late post, and thanks for reading.  Once I get ahead on my study I’ll have more time to write blog posts, and now that the sun is back there will be more opportunities to get out into the wild and share even more stunning landscapes with you.


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