An uneventful week

As per my previous post about studying, I’m still busy with trying to get a lot of things done before Summer rolls around.  Chief among these is trying to get well ahead on my Permaculture study so that I have more time to travel and relax over summer when the weather is mild and the sun is up perpetually (literally, for about 7 weeks, in fact).  A fair amount of my time is also taken up with going to the gym and stealing a few moments of recreation where I can.  So it is that I have another post that is brief on content and light on photos.

That’s not to say that nothing interesting happened, however.  As the days become longer, we’ve started walking to work (a distance of nearly 100 metres) with twilight appearing over the far end of the station.  While this signals the end of seeing the aurora australis some mornings, it did open a window of opportunity to catch an aurora during twilight.



These shots aren’t tricks of long exposure, the bottom photo is actually very close to how it looked to the eye at the time (the top one wasn’t quite so bright in the corner, but I didn’t capture the image very well so I had to fiddle to make it show up right).  The air is so clear here that the strongest stars are indeed visible through the blue twilight.  It must have been a strong aurora to have been plainly visible despite the pre-dawn light.  I’d spent the preceding fortnight hoping for just this kind of photo (though perhaps with a one-in-a-million aurora to really make it visible, but I’m not complaining), so I’m quite chuffed to have these shots.





After the wind blew the snow into a large pile out of the front of the Living Quarters (LQ), Nick, our resident carpenter (and artist), started carving out the rough shape of a dragon.  He ran out of daylight before he had a chance to put any of the details on, but the spine and the rough details were certainly very promising.  If we’re very lucky, we’ll have the winning combination of inspiration, free time and a period of good weather for it to be finished.  If not, I’m more than happy to fill in the blanks with my imagination.  It’s pretty cool having our very own snow dragon.


And finally, a quick look at what I see outside the office door of a morning.  As the sun rises, the light clips the ‘bergs before it reaches the sea ice, so they look like they are glowing.  It’s a magical thing to see, and it happens any time the sky isn’t too cloudy (which has been about half of the last couple of weeks).


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