Productive long weekend

This weekend we’re being paid back a long weekend we were owed from much earlier in the year.  Unfortunately for the sake of the blog, it’s been productive in a way that gives me neither interesting stories nor amazing photos.  Once again, I’ve spent a good long time doing homework for my Certificate IV in Permaculture.  I’m currently working on a topic about animals, and the information and research has been fascinating.

Of all the reading I’ve done, I’ve been most enthralled by heritage breeds of chickens (both laying and table birds) and pigs (mainly free-ranging breeds that don’t do well indoors).  I don’t know how much of this information I’ll put to use directly in my own endeavours in the future, but I still intend on milking as much knowledge as I can from this course and in my own further study thereafter.  A more holistic view helps to give context to the small details, plus it would be great to help other people on their journey of producing food from themselves (whether it’s just a couple of herb bushes or a multi-hectare farm).

As we push ever closer to the pointy end of the winter season I will be busier and busier with both work and study.  Preparing for, and participating in, resupply operations is a big deal.  And in my spare time, I’m using the fact that my study is self-paced to try and get ahead as far as I can.  I’d like to finish the course long before the summer is out so that I have maximum time to travel the Vestfolds.






In the interest of giving you at least one good set of photos, here’s the most recent aurora even that I captured.  I was walking to the mess to grab a cup of tea, and noting how the post-sunset twilight looked quite pretty behind the scattered clouds.  Then I noticed that one of the clouds was glowing strangely.  Turns out that there was a single long curtain that varied in intensity over the subsequent hour, but was quite visible despite the lingering sunlight.

So above are photos all taken slightly different, and with different amounts of processing (including the second-to-last photo, which is quite over-processed but also cool in its own way).  The first photo is the earliest of them all, and taken when the twilight was strongest.  As they get later, the colour improves as the ambient light decreases (and as I increased exposure time to compensate).  I hope these photos make up for how busy I’ve been with my study  🙂


4 Comments on “Productive long weekend

  1. What a magnificent sight! I do wish I get to witness the aurora one day.

    • Super busy at the moment. I’ve taken but a few photos this month as we wind up for resupply operations in the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to slip in another blog post or two before the ship arrives, but no promises!

      • I can’t comment. 6 weeks between entries and only the feeblest of excuses. I do enjoy reading you though!

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