November pandemonium

Well, there’s a lot that goes on during resupply.  Immediately after resupply however, it gets even busier for comms.  Everyone has devices that need to be put on the network, empty offices become filled and don’t always work as intended, new equipment arrives and needs to be installed, etc.  Or, to paraphrase, I was just too busy to take many photos.

As things began to settle down, however, I pulled the camera out and (replete with my latest lens purchase, an Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm f2.8 PRO) took some photos from inside a helicopter.



This wasn’t a sight-seeing flight, however.  It was a work trip that needed a couple of extra pair of hands, and I was lucky enough to go and help out on a blue sky day.



The trip went out to a cache on Sansom Island.  It’s a mid-point between Davis and Mawson stations and is used as a refuelling point for helicopter flights between the two stations.  The pink drums in the photo above are full of aviation fuel that is past its ‘use by’ date.  All of these drums were sling loaded to an austere ski landing area on the fast ice immediately next to the island.  They were, in turn, replaced by fresh drums from station.



The ferry flights to and from Davis were made in a Twin Otter, operated by Kenn Borek Air (KBA).  The KBA crews are all pretty cool folk, coincidentally.  The whole operation took five ferry flights over two days, both days finishing at around 10pm.

Here are some of the photos from the flight:







Aside from being totally blown away by the brutal beauty of the place, it was also very educational to see how the different glaciers flow.  Some crack massively, others stay intact until they carve off into the ocean, others again crack and recombine as they flow over lumpy terrain, and so on.




And to finish off, it’s the time of year where the melting and refreezing happens every day.  I did a post about this during last summer, and it’s just as fascinating this time around.

Thanks for reading.


2 Comments on “November pandemonium

  1. Apparently WordPress is eating my comments. I did leave one commenting on the stunning beauty of the glacier photos, I promise! They are amazing things. I was blown away by how much sound a glacier makes up in Huascaran National Park and I’m awfully sad those particular glaciers will be gone within 30 years. Hopefully the Antarctic ice will stick around a lot longer!

    I go home in a week. Home? I dunno, back to Aus anyway. I’m not all that comfortable about it. You’ve still got the busy summer season to go though! Which hopefully means more pretty photos for me, and more remarkable experiences for you. Big hugs await when we’re back on shared turf.

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