It’s all melting

As the summer has progressed, it’s been great to see both new faces and ‘repeat offenders’ from last summer.  Now that we’re winding down to Christmas and the end of the year, we’re also at the peak of the snow melt.

In a more typical year, there would be more snow left and so the melt streams would be larger and more impressive.  We were below average for snow this year so we’re not seeing the same quantity of water.  That’s not to say that it hasn’t caused some strange and beautiful shapes and textures though:





These photos were all taken on the beach-side of the station, which is where most of our melt water ultimately flows to.  Only the biggest ‘blizz tails’ still have any remnants thanks to the 24-hour sunlight and above-freezing temperatures over the last couple of weeks.







And now this lot is all taken of the sea ice and the beach itself.  There’s not really much to say about the melt; we all know how ice melts.  The amazing part is just how many shapes and patterns are made by it all, and in that regard I will leave these pictures to speak for themselves  🙂


One Comment on “It’s all melting

  1. Looks great Son, almost nice enough to go for a swim. It looks so tranquil and peaceful nice for some meditation. Very envious of you it is a very life changing experience soak it all up a wonderful place to be. Love Dad & Oom. Take care we miss you.

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