After our most excellent Christmas and New Year celebrations (which this time I chose not take photos of and just enjoy) our first activity was to do an emu-bob of the station.  We had greatly below average snowfall for 2014, so a lot of rubbish that had not been seen for years had surfaced.  Not only did we find a lot of rubbish (most of a tonne in total, including a couple of hundred kilograms of steel) hiding around the station, we also found some more interesting details.




One of the interesting things I came across is one of the concrete slabs from the ‘old lines’.  A few of the old accommodation containers have been repurposed and can still be found on station, but otherwise the old station is almost totally gone.  The concrete slabs remain though, and this one has recognisable names on it like ‘Lied’ and ‘Trajer’ (who have a lake and a field hut named after them, respectively).




After having cleaned up, I decided that it would be worth a walk along part of the coastline around Davis Station to see what I could see.  It was an enjoyable walk for the scenery and the sound of the ocean.  After more than half a year of having fast ice thick enough to travel on, it’s a nice change to have the ocean as liquid water again.





As I made it around to the beach a few of the locals appeared to say hello.  I was outside for about two hours in total just wandering around.  It’s inspired me to explore the station a little further now that the snow is practically all gone.  I wonder what else I will find.


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