Beachcombing…with penguins!

This is a quick redux on my Beachcombing post.  The weather is great and the pack ice (that left us just a week or so ago) has been blown back to us thanks to a prevailing SW wind.  Pack ice in the bay means…penguins!



This is what the chunks of our ice look like.  Normally the water in front of the station is clear of ice owing to the persistent NE wind that we get for most of the year.  Some manner of weather system is sitting off the coast and sending it back to us for a couple of days though.



The wildlife don’t seem to be terribly inconvenienced by it, however.






And while walking along the road towards Marchant’s landing, I had a small troop of funny little critters walking alongside me.  These photos are taken shortly after 8pm, so it was actually a rather lovely post-dinner stroll.


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