Last minute adventure

Yesterday, just before lunch time, we were told that room had become available on a helicopter flight to Platcha Hut. It’s a quaint little hut (a pair of them, actually) that lives at the base of the plateau. Our reason for the trip was that Platcha is the only hut we hadn’t managed to give a thorough once-over for comms purposes. I’d been there during training, but not with a camera, a multimeter and some basic tools.

Many of the photos are thoroughly uninteresting but especially useful to us in the comms game. The coaxial cable, the mast, the antenna, the radio, the batteries, the solar panel, etc. are all in good condition. So in the end not only was the trip productive, it was also scenic and not too stressful.



Here’s a quick shot of the mast on the small rise next to Platcha.  You can see the coaxial cable is a hanging down a bit where the ties have shifted.  This is the only problem that needs fixing, so it’s in good shape for a couple of years once the straps are replaced.





Aside from the work photos, I took a small handful of happy snaps.  There are a sample of the view from the hill just above Platcha hut, including a view of fjord with the helipad in the foreground.

I also took an impromptu panorama from the top of the hill.  Considering it was taken by hand without any planning, I’m pleased with how it has turned out (WARNING: Quite a large file if you click on it.):

[Group 0]-P1140083_DxO_P1140086_DxO-4 images


4 Comments on “Last minute adventure

  1. Good work loved the photos too

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Robert photo’s are great just an amazing place on earth you are so lucky . Thanks . Regards from Dad & Oom

  3. Hey Bob – you didn’t send us some shots of the coaxial cable, the mast, the antenna, the radio, the batteries, the solar panel, etc – I’m disappointed!

    Is the platform in the first photo the helipad? What sort of aircraft do you have down there – single engine Squirrel would by my guess.



    • There you go; fixed. The choppers this year are Eurocopter AS350 (I think B3e, but don’t quote me on that). They’ve really got some power!

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