Iceberg Cruise #2

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go out on a boating trip to check out the icebergs and penguins, just like I did last summer.  Unlike the trip last summer, the sky was quite overcast this time.  Despite the sky being less interesting and providing more glare off the ocean (I forgot my polariser), it changed some of the colours for the better.  And regardless, I’m not going to look this gift horse in the mouth.


So at 1500 we all met at the boat shed to do all of the pre-checks and load the boats.  The photo above shows the boat ramp at the wharf, which you won’t have seem in my photos as it’s on the far side of the wharf from the station.  You can see we’re all suited up in Mustang suits, which provide flotation and warmth, and also minimise the flow of water through the suit if we should fall in.  They’re pretty neat.



I’ve been using my 12-40mm f/2.8 zoom non-stop since it arrived at the start of summer, so I thought I really owed it to myself to go back to one of my primes for some shots.  I briefly considered taking my Olympus 45mm f/1.8, but I learned from last time that I’d want longer.  A couple of other people had lenses that went wide, so I went with my Olympus 75mm f/1.8 (equivalent to 150mm for you 35mm folk).  It’s a cracker of a lens anyway.



As you can see, the chicks are in the late stages of molting.  The bit you don’t get to see in the stills is that they often chase their parents around, which is a funny thing to watch.





We stopped by Gardener, Anchorage and Magnetic islands to look at some of the penguin colonies.  Another big difference to last summer is that the wind was coming from the opposite direction, so we weren’t downwind of the stink this time.  Quite a bonus.


Here’s an idea of how far from station we are.  This shot is taken from near Gardener Island, around 3.5 kilometres from station.

And now an advance apology for any photography purists:  The last photos here have been processed to bring out some colour.  They’re not perfect representations of what we saw, but I enjoyed processing them, and I still enjoy looking at them how they are  🙂






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  1. All very enjoyable keep the news and pics coming my friend

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