My name is Robert Isaac.  I’m a radio and network technician from Brisbane, Australia.  I arrived at Davis Station, Antarctica aboard the Aurora Australis at the start of November, 2013.  I’m scheduled to leave around the same time in 2014, though schedules down here are fickle things.

My job is as a Communications Technical Officer (CTO) with the Australian Antarctic Division.  It’s a job with a broad range of responsibilities across radio, satellite, networking, IT and some electronics odd-jobs for good measure.  The technical work isn’t too different from elsewhere in the world, but the environmental challenges (or both the cold and the isolation) make the job challenging and fun in so many ways.

What I post about changes from week to week.  If I’ve been on an especially cool adventure, I’ll share it with you.  I also like to share a little about the technical aspects of my work down here, especially for people who may be interested in working here.

Sometimes people ask me about the more mundane every-day aspects of life down here too, and I’m happy to oblige.  If you have a request of your own I’d love to hear it!  I also enjoying reading your comments and questions so don’t hesitate to share an opinion or query.