Some recent comments have finally inspired me to write up another post.  We have, you see, been very busy on station getting everything squared away for the season.  Not only do we need to make sure that we’ve finished everything we’ve started (and perhaps some things we haven’t), we also need to make ready for resupply. Resupply is the busiest time of year for the stations.  In less than a week (if… Read More

This weekend we’re being paid back a long weekend we were owed from much earlier in the year.  Unfortunately for the sake of the blog, it’s been productive in a way that gives me neither interesting stories nor amazing photos.  Once again, I’ve spent a good long time doing homework for my Certificate IV in Permaculture.  I’m currently working on a topic about animals, and the information and research has been fascinating…. Read More

After having gone a few weeks with only sporadic clear skies, we’ve finally had a full weekend of impeccable weather.  Aside from several of us finally getting out cameras out again, it also meant that the traverse team was able to depart at last.  The team of eight people is heading across to the Rauer Islands to take some samples (with the two wintering scientists), and to check the place out and… Read More

For this week’s post, the two scientists here for the winter kindly agreed to write up a post briefly covering what they’re here doing.  They arrived here with me at the start of the 2013/14 Summer season and, much like myself, will be staying here over the coming Summer season too.  Meet research scientists Sarah Payne and Alyce Hancock: Here’s the low down: We, Sarah and Alyce, are two research scientists working… Read More

This week I’ve managed to officially miss my self-enforced Monday deadline entirely.  For those of you who read regularly, I apologise if you’ve missed one of your Monday diversions.  I thought I should tell everyone what I’ve been up to that’s keeping me so busy. In fact, I’m studying a Certificate IV in Permaculture.  Health, nutrition and sustainability are passions of mine, and permaculture is an interesting advocate of the three.  Permaculture… Read More

As the title says, this week’s post is both rushed and late, but for good reason!  This weekend was the annual Antarctic 48-hour film festival.  Each station that wished to participate is sent the same list of five required inclusions for their film.  This year it was a squealing pig, a swing (as you’d find in a children’s playground), a particular phrase, a swimsuit, and the character Wal from Footrot Flats. The… Read More

Thanks to a conversation from the weekend just passed, and because I’ve been taking it easy after the trip to Woop Woop, I’m going to share my desktop wallpapers with you this week.  All of my wallpapers are photos that I’ve taken myself, and it’s great that I can enjoy them not only as wallpapers but also for the memory of where and when I took each one. I’ve uploaded each photo… Read More

Last week’s blog post was delayed by nearly half a day due to the trip I will tell you about today.  I knew I wouldn’t want to sit on these pictures for a week after returning to station, so I kept the post queue empty.  and after an almost late night last night the photos are ready to go! Here we are shortly after leaving station.  We were a group of five… Read More

Having had some creative photography planned over the weekend just gone, I have knowingly delayed this blog post (by nearly half a day, as it turns out) so that I could show you what we got up to over the weekend.  This is largely because I have an even more interesting trip planned this week, so I didn’t want to create too much of a backlog on sharing what I’ve been up… Read More

I realised a few days ago that we’ve all become quite accustomed to the amount of snow around here.  We haven’t had a proper dump of snow, or a blizzard, for some time so the landscape has been quite static.  We’ve even cut steps into a few places to make it easier to get around.  I thought it might be instructive to show you all some of the same angles as seen… Read More