I’ve been collecting the occasional photo of the odd things water, ice and snow do around here on different days.  On the hottest days (night time temps above zero) the melt doesn’t stop.  Most times, though, the water freezes in strange ways overnight, only to resume melting as the day time temperature rises.  This is just a short post to show some of the phenomena that appear around the station from day… Read More

One fine Sunday, the forecast was absolutely sensational and a group of us decided we’d walk a few kilometres across the sea ice to Gardner Island.  First we obtained the approval, gathered our kit, grabbed some snacks and turned our fire tags (more on that another time).  Off we headed: It really doesn’t look that far from the station because the visibility is so amazing.  What seems 500 metres away in suburban… Read More

As promised, I’ll show you a glimpse of where I live and work.  There’s plenty more to tell about the station, but for now I’ll show you my room, my workplace, and where I eat and relax.  Without further ado: The rooms are quite comfortable, as you can see.  There is enough storage for a reasonable amount of gear (though some of the winterers have extra personal effects stored in the warehouse… Read More

The first week at Davis was resupply.  For anyone who’s been down before, you’ll know it’s pandemonium.  It’s all organised chaos, but the amount of cargo that was moved off of, and then back on to, the Aurora Australis while she was parked in the ~2 metre thick sea ice was impressive.  But that happened at the same time as refuelling operations, handover tasks, and all of the usual kitchen duties.  Suffice… Read More

One month after my previous post, I’m finally at Davis station with enough time on my hands to post about the amazing experience I had just getting here.  The voyage was planned to take 12 days, and in the end took 22 days.  The ice was so thick and covered such an are that it took more than a week, plus a few aircraft and helicopter flights to find us a way… Read More

Today we finished the last brief at the Australian Antarctic Division, Kingston, Tasmania.  Tomorrow morning we’re all onto a bus to head down to Macquarie Wharf with our luggage.  We will pass through customs, quarantine and some additional biosecurity measures, before eventually heading aboard and settling into our cabins for the long voyage ahead. During this, however, you are not completely isolated from what we’re up to.  Below are some resources for… Read More

I had a little free time on Thursday afternoon, so I took the opportunity to take some photos of what there is to see around the Australian Antarctic Division’s buildings.  Inside the main building past the reception is a large display area for current projects and also some historical items.  Downstairs is a small cafe that often has people stopping by for lunch on a day trip from Hobart: Out the front… Read More