I invite you to make a request about something you’d like to see or read about on my blog.  Whether it be a personal curiosity you’d like to see more about, a professional interest in what I do (especially if you’re considering applying for a job), or even some photos or stories you’d like for a school lesson.

You can either add a comment to this page, to which I’ll reply ASAP, or you can use the contact form to email me.  I’m happy to discuss, and I also encourage schools to visit the Clasroom page for a large set of resources.


2 Comments on “Requests

  1. Knowing your love for music and the quality of your listening devices (your ears) I am curious about what sound reproduction systems you have there. Did you take a nice set of cans and a DAC? What is the setup like in the cinema?

    • I didn’t bring down anything fancy for myself; I can wait until I get home. We’re in the aftermath of a blizzard at the moment though, so taking some indoor photos for a blog post on the audio here seemed like a good idea. Look out for it on Monday at noon as usual 🙂

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